Trade Data Center

Welcome to the Trade Data Center. Here you can explore data resources that illustrate the impact of trade policy on jobs, the environment, and your community.

Certified Trade-Related Job Losses

Search for confirmed job losses due to imports and outsourcing here, compiled by the U.S. Department of Labor's Trade Adjustment Assistance program.

Manufacturing Job Losses

 Search for more diverse measures of trade-related job loss here, with fact sheets detailing how your state's manufacturing workers have fared during the era of corporate-rigged trade.

State by State TPP ISDS Liability Map

See how your state could be threatened by the thousands of multinational corporations that would be given new rights to sue the U.S. government over laws or regulations they say affect their profits if the TPP is allowed to pass.

State-by-State Outcomes of Corporate-Rigged Deals

How has your state fared under the corporate-rigged "trade" pact model that the TPP would expand?

TPP Corporate Empowerment Map

Check out this map to see which corporations near you could use new privileges granted by the proposed Trans-Pacific Parternship to attack consumer and environmental safeguards.

TTIP Corporate Empowerment Map


Could a foreign investor in your community be empowered by a U.S.-EU "trade" deal to attack consumer and environmental safeguards? Check out this map to see.

Congressional Voting Record


 Assess your Representative's or Senator's commitment to fair trade and the public interest.

Trade in Elections


 Read how trade policy has become a central election issue, and see how a new approach to trade could benefit all Americans while enhancing labor and environmental standards around the world.

WTO Trade in Services Database

Search for information about how the WTO's General Agreement on Trade in Services (GATS) impacts public policy topics such as health care, water rights, and government procurement.

Other Resources

Links to websites for more data resources on import and export flows, trade in services, and more.